Cyclist breaks neck — “hangman’s break” says doc

Ken has ridden with TRC several times over the last couple of years. Now you can read his incredible story.


CINCINNATISunbury Press has released Ken Mercurio’s medical memoir Head Over Wheels – A ‘Lucky Stiff’ Turns Tragedy into a Cycling Triumph.

how_fcAbout the Book:
The inspiring story of how a 56-yr-old avid cyclist recovered from a life-threatening bicycling accident to conquer an “impossible” biking tour just 9 months later. On a training ride going 28 mph, Ken’s bike fork suddenly snapped apart, catapulting him onto his head and breaking his neck and six other bones. With pulverized neck vertebrae, his neurosurgeon said it was a miracle he didn’t die or become a quadriplegic. Five vertebrae were surgically fused to save his life, leaving him with a permanently stiff neck and almost no ability to turn his head.

In a momentous twist of fate, Ken had already registered to ride one of the country’s most difficult bike tours, scheduled nine months later. With no idea if he could ever…

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Recumbent Madness?

Recumbent Madness?

The Troy Grade is steep but Dave handles it just fine on his recumbent.

Bicycle Sojourner Washington, a Kickstart Bicycle Alliance project

Good maps and information is about all you need for a bicycle tour. Now comes an opportunity to help build just such a resource for Washignton State. click through to the Kickstarter page and contreibute a few bucks to get this project published.





I trust that you all have been enjoying the fine summer weather.

At the Bicycle Alliance of Washington, we are running a Kickstarter campaign to support the development and publication of a Washington State bike touring guide book- Cycling Soujourner. I’ve already kicked down a $75 pledge for the campaign and i strongly encourage you to make a pledge of any amount you can afford.

Here is a blog post about the book project written by our Executive Director, Barb Chamberlain.

There is also a great educational opportunity coming up next week; an introduction to bike touring at Island Hoppin’ Brewery on Orcas. Martina Brimmer of Swift Industries will be presenting from 7:00-9:00PM on August 15th.

Here is a blog post that i wrote about a tour that Tiva and I took in the San Juans and Gulf Islands last summer.

Please feel free to circulate to other interested folks.

Let me know if you have any questions about these items or any other bike-related stuff.

best regards,







Cyclelicious » Strava SNAP: Fix GPS data to track roads

Strava is everywhere these days. Kind of fun to see who’s fastest among friends and certainly another good way to log your miles. I was unaware of the inaccuracy of phone GPS. This first map looks a bit like the old point-and-click maps I made. I didn’t always hit the road with each click making it look like I’d cut off the road to shorten the corner. Now there’s a tool to correct the inefficiencies of phone GPS. –Corrie


I use my mobile phone’s GPS to track my bike rides which I then upload to Strava. Unlike purpose built GPS devices, phone GPS can be wildly inaccurate, especially in the steep valleys I often ride through in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The results uploaded to Strava can look like this.

via Cyclelicious » Strava SNAP: Fix GPS data to track roads.

That old bicycle lodged in a tree on Vashon Island makes national headlines » Biking Bis


It is a surprise to see the rusty girl’s bike embedded in a tree about six feet off the ground. I searched around for it this summer on a bike ride over on Vashon, and finally found it in some woods on the northeast corner of 99th Avenue SW and SW 204th Street (see map).

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Yoga for Cyclists part 7: Knees | | Road cycling news, Bike reviews, Commuting, Leisure riding, Sportives and more

I’ve been working with Jen Trost, a physical trainer and cyclist, to strengthen my lower back. This video looks particularly useful and I’ll forward it to Jen. Haven’t looked at the rest of the series of videos but cylcists should find them interesting.–corrie

Yoga for Cyclists part 7: Knees | | Road cycling news, Bike reviews, Commuting, Leisure riding, Sportives and more.

Vintage bicycle collection scores high bids at 1st auction » Biking Bis

If you like vintage bikes and auctions, you’ll want to get in on the next vintage bike auction.–corrie



The highly anticipated first of three auctions of vintage bicycles and memorabilia from a recently closed New York-based museum earlier this month brought in a jaw-dropping half-million dollars, about 150% of what the auctioneers predicted.

via Vintage bicycle collection scores high bids at 1st auction » Biking Bis.

Tips for Keeping Feet Warm | Road Bike Rider

I’ve done more cold-weather riding this winter than usual. That’s ’cause we’ve had lots of people going out. But, yes, it is cold. My feet used to be my biggest issue. I seem to have solved that with booties and wool socks, but I don’t go out when it dips below freezing for long. Fingers are another issue. Some of these tips do help, like starting with warm hands.–corrie

I’ve tried every trick imaginable to keep my feet warm during cold-weather rides — larger shoes with 2 pairs of socks, battery-powered socks, spray antiperspirant to reduce sweating, plastic bags to cut wind. But no luck. My frozen feet are always the limiting factor in winter riding. Any tips? — Judy D.

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Cyclelicious » Project Southern Tier

Climate Change? and the bicycle? This fellow combined an interest in both to produce this four video series. He biked from California to Florida, interviewing people about environmental efforts along the way and then produced this four video series. Cyclicious introduces it, but you might go directly to The Project Southern Tier website to view the videos.


Cyclelicious » Project Southern Tier.

American explorer attempts bicycle journey to the South Pole » Biking Bis

And he seems to be getting more dependable internet coverage in the antarctic than we are in Idaho.–Corrie

He set off from the Hercules Inlet on the coast of Antarctica on Dec. 20 and hopes to arrive at the South Pole on Jan. 12.

via American explorer attempts bicycle journey to the South Pole » Biking Bis.

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