Protect Your Bike

Today is National Bike to Work Day. Don’t forget your lock. Some employers provide covered bike parking but you may need to leave your ride in the open and you’ll want a lock even in Lewiston. I don’t worry much about locking my bike here if I’m just going in for a few minutes but for all day I’d have a good lock.

Commuting is much more complicated in the big cities on this issue as well.–Corrie

Hal (and Kerri) Grade Your Bike Locking (5:43)

Nearly five years ago, legendary bike mechanic Hal Ruzal and I walked the streets surrounding Bicycle Habitat and graded the bike locking ability of New Yorkers – producing many humorous and enlightening anecdotes.

Of course you could just make your bike so ugly no one would want to steal it.

Ugly Bike Hack

I saw this biked locked up the other day and admired the job the rider did to “ugly” it. We have talked about this before in previous posts: 8+ Ways to Ugly Your Bike and Ugly Your Bike #2: A Case Study.

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