Portland Cycle Tracks

And we don’t even have roads with shoulders. I’m not certain I like the idea of cycle tracks. I worry about being doored by the driver. On cycle tracks as pictured, I’d worry about beeing doored by passengers. I think bikes and pedestrians might begin to think they could be either onthe sidewalk or the track which might create confusion. But all of this depends upon everyone following a convention. Could work.–Corrie

Now the city is set to build its first ever Copenhagen-style cycle track.


Cycle track graphic credit goes to Bikehacks crew

A cycle track is a segretated cycle facility (road, track, path, or marked lanes) designated for use by cyclists from which motorized traffic is generally excluded.  The new cycle track will be located on seven blocks of Southwest Broadway near PSU.  The change is scheduled to take place in August…and just in case this cycle track turns out to be a ‘bad idea’ (which is highly unlikely), the $80,000 experiment is reversible.

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