Mirror? or not to Mirror?

A few TRCers ride without a mirror. Chris, for example, is forever bopping out toward the road center to take a good long look at the rest of us trying to keep up. No mirror for Chris.

Frankly I’d find it tough to bike without my mirror. Of a certain age, I find actually turning my head for any length of time awkward and my vision takes quite awhile before I really recognzie what I’m looking at. Just a shoulder check’s never going to be enough for me. I spend a good deal of time checking what’s behind me and while I can hold a line pretty well, I don’t want to be looking back when traffic is high and the shoulder is questionable. After a day’s ride, I often find myself looking up for the mirror when I’m walking.

I like the small wire mirrors that mount on my glasses temple. I’ve nver cared for handlebar mounts nor helmet mounts. Sean claims those clunky mirrors he sports don’t come loose from the helment.

Here’s a mirror review from someone who says he doesn’t like mirrors. Now he’s someone you can trust.–Corrie

Review: Cycleaware’s Roadie Mirror

July 27th, 2009 by Jack “Ghost Rider” Sweeney · 10 Comments

Full disclosure: I’ve resisted cycling mirrors for a long time…I’ve never really felt the need for such a device. If I wanted to see what’s going on behind me, a quick turn of the head has satisfied my curiosity. Even when I drive a car, I rarely use the mirrors (other than to check out who’s behind me at stoplights). Chalk it up to years of racing coaches who drilled into us that a quick glance back while holding a line was all we ever needed…coupled with driving instructors who insisted that nothing took the place of a glance back to check out the “blind spots” invisible to mirrors.

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