Do You Cell and Cycle?

I’m out on a ride. I’m feeling good. I’m in the drops or on the aerobars. My breathing is deep but smooth. My legs feel strong and I’m making good time. My eyes flicker from the pavement ahead to the average mph readout on my GPS.

And then my cell phone rings.

We never used to have that problem. Then someone thought it was agood idea to carry the “best multi-tool ever” just for safety. And now you’re not safe from the ringing of phones even out for a ride.

I sit up. Reach back to my jersey pocket, pull out the darn thing. My eyes are bad or the glare makes the tiny window unreadable. I can’t quite make out who’s calling but I flip it open anyway. And there I am cycling and celling. It’s not as cool as it sounds but I just can’t bring myself to stop. Guess I’m just like those darn, thoughtless, inconsiderate motorists texting away as they drive. Well, at least I would never do that–’cause I don’t text.–Corrie

Distracted-Riding Legislation?

By Paul Andrews, BI editor on March 5, 2010

There’s an interesting dialogue going on re whether cyclists should be included in “distracted driving” legislation. Right now the issue centers on proposed legislation in California, but it could apply anywhere for that matter.

This is a tough call. I’ve answered the phone while riding myself. You think: Just a coupla secs, where’s the harm?

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