Restore a bike for Sheldon Brown

One of the most reknown websites relating to bicycling is Sheldon Browns. He died a year or so ago but the website is still up and friends have taken it over.

Here’s your chance to grab a Sheldon Brown bike preserved for restoration. My love of bicycles pretty much ends when I swing my leg off and touch the ground.  But I know at last Steve is interested in restoring bikes. These look pretty junky to me.

New From ShelBroCo!

Your turn to turn the wrench!
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This Web site seeks in every way to preserve, spread and extend the legacy of its late, beloved founder, Sheldon Brown! For decades, Sheldon’s masterful mechanical skills transformed discarded and disused bicycles and components into splendid examples of artistry and style — and into practical, useful transportation and joyful recreation for him, his family, friends and customers.

NOW it’s your turn!

See more images and order your favorite!

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