Chain-L lube

I clean my chain and relube at least once a week. I used to do so after every ride. I found that doing it frequently prevented the build up and made the job fairly quick and easy. Now I usually do it before my long weekend rides.

I’m using ProLink lube. It was recommended by and is available locally.And I like it. Now has a review of a new thicker lube you might want to try. Since I don’t have a quick release link, I’ll probably stick with ProLink.–Corrie

High-Mileage Chain Lube

By Ed Pavelka

Read the review

Price: $12-$15

Source: website, bike shops

Made in: New York by Kingsbridge Cycle Supply

Size: 4 oz. (118 ml)

RBR advertiser: no

Tested: 2,183 miles (3,513 km)



  • extremely long-lasting
  • reduces drivetrain maintenance
  • makes chain uncommonly quiet & smooth
  • can be applied over most other lubes
  • may prolong chain life


  • messy
  • best applied with chain off bike
  • gooey
  • “rust inhibitor” ability depends on conditions
  • sticky
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