You do log your miles?

It is inconcievable that you are riding without at least a bike computer to tell you how far you have gone.

Yeah, I’m just a recreational rider. But I still use the Garmin Edge 305 for a spedometer, and odometer. I also use it as a compass and altimeter but those functions aren’t nearly as important to me. Okay, I have used the mapping function but since I usually ride the same routes I don’t really need it all that often.

But my miles. I’ve got to keep my mileage. Here’s another Garmin device to do just that. It will also geotag your pictures for you. So you can pretend its not an odometer if you like.–corrie

i-gotU gt-120 GPS Logger Review

Since this summer I’ve been using a little GPS logger to record some of my mountain bike rides and hikes. It’s the i-gotU gt-120 GPS Logger from Mobile Action. As you can see in the photo above it’s very small.

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