Recreational Riding

Why you ride is personal.

But when we advocate cycling we give all sorts of reasons and enticements such as weight loss and a low carbon footprint.

I’m with Bicycling Magazine’s Fit Chick. I ride ’cause I like it. All the health benefits aside, I wouldn’t be riding if I didn’t enjoy it.

Riding a Bike is not a form of ascetism. I don’t turn in thousands of miles a year because I feel guilt and want to punish the flesh.

That’s just an extra benefit.–Corrie

A Means to an End

Along with the work I do here and in the pages of Bicycling magazine, I write for general fitness magazines. You know, the ones you see at the checkout aisle promising thinner thighs, tighter buns and six-pack abs. Yep, that’s me. Though I confess to occasionally cringing at the cover lines, for the most part, it’s satisfying work. If I can inspire someone to move and strengthen his or her body, it’s a good day.

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