Slow Down Cyclist

Down in the drops or on my aerobars beating thew ind and feeling strong, light, agile, I ride the levy and green belt trail in cold weather. Everyone rides for a different reason. Mine is less the scenery, even less the fitness and mostly that I feel 30 years younger and 30 lbs lighter.

But the sun’s come out and with it the fair-weather trail users. Cyclists, if you want to go fast, look for a country lane. We have plenty. On the bike path slow down.–Corrie

Elderly walker dies after stepping in front of bicyclist

by Gene Bisbee at 09:02PM (PDT) on April 19, 2010  |  Permanent LinkCosmos

An elderly woman has died after she was struck this past weekend by a passing bicyclist on the Cedar River Trail in Renton.

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For a community enjoying wonderful trails since the 70s, we certainly don’t have much agreement on how they should be used. The green belt is too narrow, I suppose, for a striping but why can’t we have signs reminding trail users to stay to t ahe right? Walking on the left hand side of the trail is just like driving on the left hand side of the road. Someone is going to get hurt.

Yes, walkers, dogs, dogs on leashes, children, family gatherings, bird-watchers frustrate us cyclists. We need to look for alternate routes. learn to ride with traffic,  but always yield to slower trail-users.

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