Why the Surprise?

Biking in Heels is a blog I read but seldom quote. Written by a woman, a lawyer in Boston, most of the entries are particular to commuting in Boston. But it is often entertaining  and interesting and she knows both her bicycles and her biking advocacy. In addition she advocates riding in regular clothes–hence the title.

But the post she titles Hit suggests she is surprised that she was hit. Not surprised that it finally happened but that it was by another bike rather than a car.

83 percent of all bicycle crashes do not involve a car. In fact 50 percent of that remaining 17 per cent are just falls. Strangely, you are about as likely to be hit by another bicycle as you are by a car. (17 or 18 percent for either). Think about that?

The Post is good reading, nevertheless.–Corrie


So it happened.

Something I’ve been worrying about for weeks.

Since the weather turned and all the newbies came out to play.

I was hit by another bike.

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