Support Your Local Bike Shop

Hmm, yes, you can do most of the work yourself. If you want to take the time, buy the tools, arrange the space, and get your hands dirty. Yes, you might be able to find parts, and gear cheaper on the web.

But there really is no substitute for you local bike shop when you have a question or need help. You’ll get used to ’em always trying to sell you a new bike and making fun of you. But if your shop won’t let you talk to the mechanic, look for another. It’s that worth while if for nothing more than your own satisfaction. We don’t do that much with our cars anymore. But you can still get pretty hands on with a bike.

Biking In Heels addresses this subject in DIY and the need for Expertise. Robert is one of her bikes. Her husband doesn’t rate an actual name. He’s just the Scientist.


I’ve been taking Robert apart,
and starting to build up his successor. I spent all weekend messing,
gave myself an anti-manicure cleaning the chain first with PB-Blaster
and then simple green. Anti- in that my hands may never be the same
again. So much for the career in hand modeling!

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