Bontrager Tires Guarantee

So Doug and Chris have been honing their tire changing skills. Chris claims to have had 3 all by himself riding up the Winchester Grade on his own the same day Dave and I di the Kendrick Century. We missed all the fun.

Now Commute by Bike reports that Bontragger is guaranteeing its tires. You get to ride ’em for 30 days. If you don’t like ’em bring ’em back.

Do they know I ride a thousand miles in a month? –Corrie

Bontrager Tire Guarantee

by Bike Shop Girl

Bontrager Tire GuaranteeIn a perfect world, buying things would be like test driving a car.  You can put your salesman in the backseat and test the hell out of the product.

Life isn’t like buying a car, thank god, but we can’t always test out things where we need to.  Take bikes.  You have to rely on the internet for reviews, your buddy and hopefully your amazing local bike shop.

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