Two new club rides on the Calendar!

That’s right. Join members of Twin Rivers Cyclists on one or both of two new rides for the 2010 summer series.

Bauer’s Friday Steptoe Ride 6;30 pm

Start at the Old Rooster’s Parking Lot and ride across Red Wolf toward Steptoe Canyon. Because it is an out and back course, you can go as far as you like. We’ll start at 6:30 pm and the route may change especially if there is a high wind. Lee won’t be able to lead each Friday ride so treat this like the Sunday Cycling Society ride and go with whomever shows up. Hard to get lost on this route. Rides start May 7, 2010.

Saturday Select: 8 am ride

Linda’s Easy Does It Rides occur only once each month. We need more moderate rides with perhaps a destination such as Dailys in Asotin or Sage Bakery. Propose a ride route and start point. Likely many of these well start at Southway Boat Launch. Please email Corrie to get your information ont eh calendar. Rides start May 8, 2010.

And don’t forget the

Tuesday ice cream rides from Baskin Robins at 6:30

Thursday Time Trials at 6 from the 2 mile marker on Wawawai Canyon Road

Sunday Cycling Society 1p start from Southway Boat Launch.


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