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TRC BannerWe need you to lead a club ride. Hurry, propose a ride today!

Sometimes I just want to go on my own. I can pick my time, my route, my pace. But . . .

I enjoy those group rides with a jocular give and take among riders. I find that I like talking about rides and bikes and the like which is strange since I’m normally not very talkative. Some special appends itself to a ride with friends.

So how to share that something special? Invite more folks to join us. Whenever I spot a bike on the trail, I assess the likelihood of my having found a new club rider. I have to be careful. If I tell anyone how much I ride, I scare them off.

I can almost hear the questions and concerns: Can I keep up? You must be a real cyclists. I only have a mountain bike. I only ride on the bike trail..

I tell them about our Ice Cream rides on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 all summer long from Clarkston’s Baskin Robins.

I tell them about our 1pm Sunday Cycling Society rides from Southway boat launch.

I tell them about the Crazy Ladies riding at noon (for now) on Wednesday and Friday from the boat launch.

I tell them about Linda’s once monthly Easy Does It Rides from the Clarkston Corps parking lot.

I might tell them about our Thursday evening time trials at 6 from the 2 mile mark on Wawawai Canyon Road.

Now we would like to start two more regular rides.
1. Lee Bauer has proposed a Friday evening ride to Steptoe Canyon and back starting at 6:30 at the old Roosters parking lot. Some of us will likey stop for libations afterward. Lee won’t be able to ride every Friday, but will try. The route is open to change by those who show up.

2. Saturday Select Ride: 8 am Saturday ride probably from the Southway Boat Launch.
Jen Trost suggested we rotate ride coordinator chores week to week. This ride should be like our Sunday ride but closer to Linda’s Easy Does it Rides. A ride of 20 to 30 miles probably with a destination in mind such a Daily’s in Asotin or Sage Bakery in Lewiston (or Uniontown).

In addition Gary has suggested a one day Plummer to Kellogg ride for sometime this summer. We are looking for other ride suggestions. They don’t have to be heroic, just fun and maybe with food mixed in. Mike and Nicki’s May 9th Sammich Ride is an example.

I like both the Friday and Saturday ride ideas, but, gosh. I probably won’t be at either very often. You see, my addiction has me on the road Saturday morning at 8 for a long ride. I probably won’t want to do a ride Friday night. Perhaps I’ll be able to make my ride and the 8 o’clock overlap.

Both rides are on the calendar starting in May. So, we need you to step up. Here’s a perfect opportunity to become more active in your club. Pick a date and suggest a route and start point. Let’s keep these rides modest. Check the calendar first so that you are not conflicting with an Easy Does It ride.

And send me an email so I can add your ride to the calendar.
Let’s keep a list of participants too. Who knows, there might be prizes for ride-leaders with the largest following!

Propose your ride today.

Looking forward to riding with you
Corrie Rosetti
LCI# 2340

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