Weekend Ride Invitations May 1-2

My head’s still spinning as I process last Sunday’s Lilac Century Ride. A crisp sunny morning with a bit of breeze made this an excellent cycling Sunday in Spokane. Eight TRCers attended including Jim Kenyon and Wanda on the 50 miler, Linda and Donna riding the 66 miler, Chris, Corrie, Dave and Gary doing the century. You can read about it on Crusty.

So what’s up for this week? Well, the first ride of our Lead-a-Club ride new series will be lead by Lee Bauer. Route  to be determined. Could be out to Asotin, one of the valley loops, or an out and back to Sage Bakery in Uniontown. This ride is intended to bring out new riders. Everyone is welcome to come but amticipate an easy pace with modest distance.

We need volunteers to lead these Saturday events except on an Easy Does It Saturday (Linda’s Art Ride will be the 22nd this month). Please let me know if you can help out one of these Saturdays.

The Crazy ladies are back in business and while they haven’t given me a schedule they seem to be riding on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I’m going to see it they’ll do a Lead a Ride Saturday for us each month.

Time Trials are up and running for those who enjoy head winds.

Who knows what Doug and the crazies will be up to. They call for their rides sort of at the last moment so they don’t make the calendar. But they’re usually out on a Sunday. Caught Scott and Jen working at B&L last Saturday so they have only themselves to blame if they’re not getting out more.

Dave and I are training long miles. Chris? Well, he got his first century of the season on the Lilac Century Sunday so he’s back. The forecast at this point is a bit iffy for the weekend. Warm enough at low 50s for the Palouse, I suppose but the chance of showers and the gusty winds give me pause. I’m thinking this would be a good Saturday to try Hubbard Gulch. This is less than a century though they’ll plenty of light to extend if we want to. Besides, Dave needs the hill work.

McCracken, are you off climbing a mountain, or are you available for a ride this weekend?

Ice Cream Rides 6:30 pm Clarkston’s Baskin Robins start on May 11th

Yeah, this is two weeks but you wanted to know didn’t you.

Wednesday and Friday and Saturday the Crazy Ladies ride at 11 am. Formation is at 10:45 at the Southway Boat Launch. Check the calendar for time changes.

Thursday, April 29th Time Trials at 6 pm down river road west of Red Wolf
Steady turn out for this 10 mile course. Arrive about 5:45 to be seeded. Riders are started slowest first so everyone finishes about the same time.

Saturday,  May 1, 8am Lead-a-Club-Ride road ride from the Southway Boat Launch

Lee leads a ride!

Saturday,  May 1, 8am road ride from the Southway Boat Launch

Hubbard Gulch. I never got to do this one last year. This should be the perfect Saturday, not too warm, with a chance of a shower. We’ll go up Tammany, CuldeSac, Cottonwood Creek, then cross Cherry Lane Bridge and start a 3 mile climb. We drop into Kendrick for lunch and a 30 mile ride back to town. I’m guessng this is 70 miles.

Sunday, May 2nd, 1 pm Sunday Cycling Society road ride from the Southway Boat Launch

Active.com’s Tips for riding a century.

All rides begin at the Southway boat launch unless otherwise noted. Bad weather may keep us off our bikes without notice.

Corrie Rosetti
Share the road and the ride at Crusty Cassette.


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