You’re Old Like me!

He walked stiffly, bow-legged, clearly uncomfortable. “What’s wrong,” I asked the fellow at Reardon at the Lilac Century lunch stop.

“You know what’s wrong. You’re old like me!” he grinned and kept moving.

Old? Me?

Fortunately, us old guys can stay on a bike until we fall off just as well as the young guys.–Corrie

West Virginian is still wheeling along at 90

by Gene Bisbee at 07:48AM (PDT) on April 26, 2010  |  Permanent LinkCosmos

The need to be moving must be in the blood of retired long-haul trucker Al Weidtz.

Long after leaving the truck business, 90-year-old Weidtz puts in a lot of hours in the saddle of his hydrid bicycle.

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