This Week at TRC 5/10-5/16

Sunday loved Nicki’s Sammitch Ride which brought some old friends like the Skinners and some new ones like Chuck and Stephanie. Great day for a bike ride.

Rain, rain. Every time I went out last week, I got caught in the rain. I planned to do both the Friday Night and the Saturday morning rides. So, I waited on Friday despite the clear skies and bright sunshine until, sure enough, it rained.

Then Saturday, I managed to stay out long enough to get caught in another rain storm. I did get to help a tourist find his way in to Pedal’s n Spokes. He had three flat tubes, loose cones, and looser cranks.

Ideally, a club member will volunteer to lead the Friday Steptoe Ride and the 8 am Saturday Lead-a-Ride modest pace and distance rides. I won’t be at the Steptoe Ride because I think it is time to do Winchester again this Saturday. Since I’ll be starting at 8 Saturday, I’ll see the start but unless those folks want to ride up Tammany with me, I won’t be leading this ride.

Tuesday, Date, Ice Cream Ride 6:30 pm Clarkston’s Baskin Robins

The first ice cream ride of the summer. Showers in the morning but temps in the upper 60s. Great ride for getting to know us. Usually we do an out-and-back to the end of the pavement on Asotin Creek.

Wednesday and Friday Crazy Ladies ride at 11 am. Formation is at 10:45 at the Southway Boat Launch. Debbie Bobbit is organizing these rides and suggests folks email her if they would like to do a Saturday ride. I’m trying to get the Crazy Ladies to take one Saturday each Month to lead a Lead-a-Ride 8 pm start.

Thursday, Date Time Trials at 6 pm down river road west of Red Wolf

Steady turn out for this 10 mile course. Arrive about 5:45 to be seeded. Riders are started slowest first so everyone finishes about the same time.

Friday, May 14th 6:30 pm Steptoe Fridays

Our weekly venture toward Steptoe Canyon from the old Rooster’s Parking Lot. A modest pace ride of 15 to 20 miles. Lee says he’s almost certain to be there this week. The weather’s looking pretty good.

Saturday,  May 15th, 8 am Lead-a-Ride road ride from the Southway Boat Launch

As the weather warms up, 8 pm will become a more attractive start time. So this should begin to work like the 1 pm Sunday starts. Until then, it would be great to have a volunteer leader. email me.

Saturday,  May 15th, Winchester Century 8 am Southway Boat launch

My favorite local ride especially in the spring. Forecast temp for Saturday at Winchester is 70 degrees. Dave’s unavailable this week, Chris, so I’m counting on you. It’s not even a Sunday.

Sunday, May 16th, 1 pm Sunday Cycling Society road ride from the Southway Boat Launch

No leader. Group determines the route at ride time. Our popular get-acquainted no-drop ride. This is a bit more strenuous than an ice-cream ride but still easy. We often ride up Lindsay Creek.’s Tips for riding a century.

All rides begin at the Southway boat launch unless otherwise noted. Bad weather may keep us off our bikes without notice.

Corrie Rosetti
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