Travois? No, Travoy–a Burley trailer

I’m pretty pleased with my Burley Nomad trailer though a two wheel trailer isn’t the best idea off road, it does a great job of tracking behind the bike and holds a bunch of stuff. Now Burley has added a new trailer to its line-up, the Travoy. It looks like it might be quicker to mount and remove than even the Nomad which requires a special rear skewer. Don’t think I’d take this onff road either, but that’s not the point–Corrie

Burley Travoy – A New Generation of Trailers

by Bike Shop Girl

While at Frostbike a few weeks back we were introduced to the Burley Travoy.  A new cargo trailer from the folks at Burley.  This trailer is much different than any trailer you may have seen so make sure to click through all the photos.

Burley Travoy CBB

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