American Power Act

The fellow in the flatbed pickup was concerned. Gary and I were riding up Tammany on a blind corner. An SUV slipped by us only inches away followed by the flat bed shose driver slowed to caution us, “You’re going to cause an accident.”

To be fair, he had a point. We should have controlled that lane on a blind corner so that he couldn’t have made an unsafe pass. Somehow, though, I don’t think that’s what he meant. He meant bicycles don’t belong on the road.

My first thought was that the cause of a collision here was more likely to be his slowing to a crawl in the middle of the roadway and I shouted back as much.

We are familiar with this attitude towards cyclists. The attitude may be getting a bit of prodding in our direction  from the Feds. Not only has Ray Lahood promiesed cyclists have full-partner in his term as Secretary of Transportation. Now Senators Kerry and Lieberman have sponsored Legislation that may create policy that will put some money behind LaHood’s words.

The League of American Cyclists support the policies in the American Power Act.

Learn what the League has to say here.

So flat-bed driver’s of the world, the bicycles are coming.


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