Bike Commuting

Friday was my day off. I didn’t intend to bike. But the sun was out and I had a meeting down town Lewiston on D street about Complete Streets at 10. At 9:30 I decided I wanted to ride my bike.

But how to get there. I didn’t have much time. My first thought was on the Levy. I could cross the 5th street pedestrian bridge and be right there. But even better would be shooting down Diagonal and crossing the Blue Bridge on teh surface. That gave me pause. Did I really want to deal with traffic on that bridge even going down hill? I opted to use the new trail Lynn Moss has put in that links the levy system at Kiwanis park to down town. More improvements have been made and crossing Snake River Avenue was simple.

I was feeling pretty good about myself until Linda took her Easy Does It riders down Diagonal, across the bridge, and through downtown to Sage Bakery.

Guess I could have done the quicker route at that.

Check out this UCLA Transporation BikeUmentary.

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