Brain Bucket?

Dorky, helmet-hair. These are the excuses we hear for not wearing a helmet. Or, I’m just going around the block. Turns out that’s when the helmet is most necessary.–Corrie

Even a light blow to the head can be serious.

“You don’t have to be going fast to hurt your brain,” said Dr. Angela F. Gardner, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians. A simple concussion can be debilitating, keeping you off the job or operating at half speed for weeks. “And every concussion increases the likelihood that you will have an injury to the brain if another concussion occurs,” Dr. Gardner said.

It never hurts to revisit the old arguments for helmet use every year. This reminder comes form the New York Times and focues squarely at those parents who ride with helmeted children but wear none themselves.:

Grown-Up Cyclists Need Helmets, Too

But let’s be honest. It’s not the helmet that makes you safe. It’s your behavior on the bike. Are you alert, aware of the hazards and drive your bike accordingly? Most accidents involving bikes do not involve a car, another cyclists, or a pedestrian. Wear that helmet; but learn vehicular cycling.

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