I like my bike, but . . .

Apparently there’s money behind this project to build a community forbidding cars. I suppose there must be some access roads to bring in repair vehicles and delivery vans. I can’t quite imagine having my new refrigerator delivered to the parking structure on the outside of the community and then having to get it to my house by bike.

I guess I’m not ready for the new life style we’ll all be living when all the oil is gone.–Corrie

Bicycle-only community underway in South Carolina

by Gene Bisbee at 07:26AM (PDT) on May 25, 2010  |  Permanent LinkCosmos

Bicycle City sounds like a mythical Valhalla where bicycling enthusiasts go when they pass away.

In reality, a group of environmentally friendly developers are creating a Bicycle City in the countryside south of Columbia, South Carolina, where cars will be verboten and residents will ride their bikes or walk to get around.

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