Round-a-bout 129/Southway

Asotin County would like to put a round-a-bout on the west end of Southway Bridge. Joel Ristau, county engineer, is fond of the design. It has many advantages, not the least of which is keeping traffic moving.

A one lane roundabout should be very easy for cyclists to manage though I don’t think I’d choose to ride across Southway on the road surface even with better access. The designs I’ve seen do provide for bicycle access to both pedestrain paths and should make continuing west onto Fleshman Way at least legal.

Joel was unable to get funding. It is now in Patty Murray’s list of earmarks. I suppose bringing federal dollars to make necessary improvements to a roadway will anger the Tea Partiers. Still I hope Patty will get us the money.

Are Round-a-bouts safe for cyclists? Hard to say. I think I could manage a single-lane just fine. But you’ll have to get used to idiots cutting you off from the right instead of the left. Watch the video. Corrie

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