Knees are fine machines. Take care of ‘em

New shoes mean new cleats for me. I got a pair of shoes and new cleats for my birthday and just got around to fitting them a while back. Haven’t put any miles on them yet. Waiting for the rain to stop. Did I get those cleats angled correctly? A ride around my loop, says yes. In the meantime, I’m studying up just in case I begin to feel knee pain.–corrie

Knock Out Knee Pain

Be proactive to prevent grinding your legs to a halt

By Pete Rognli

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“Patellofemoral Syndrome in cycling results from the undersurface of the knee cap rubbing too hard and for too many repetitions against the femur, grinding away the smooth cartilage on both,” says Brian Prax, a physical therapist based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Stay in the saddle and out of Prax’s office with this knee-saving advice.

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