Oil Spills and Carbon Caps

It should be no surprise that cycling advocacy groups are eager to see carbon consumption prices to include the actual costs of acquiring the energy. Should the price structure also include projected costs for cleaning up an oil spill?

None of us want to see $8.00 a gallon gas. What an impact that would have on our lifestyles especially for those of us living in the open spaces of the American West. But after BP has paid up the recovery costs and reparations for lost jobs and destabilized economies, do you really think the next deep-water oil rig will be as “cheap” as the Deepwater Horizon was? Will the other oil companies not automatically add the cost of “disaster prep” into the price for the delivered goods?

Make no mistake. Feul costs are going up in the long term.

That’s good news if you are anxious to see alternative fuel sources become viable for exploration and development. Not so good news, if you commute by car.

The times they are changin’.

Here’s the League of American Bicyclists’ take on the matter including a video from a Carnegie funded conference on Transportation Carbon Fees.

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