Trucks and Bikes

Biking around trucks

Trucks pose special hazards

I saw this a couple of weeks ago and saved it.

Really the suggestions in this poster apply to cars as well. I hate to see bicyclists pass a car at a stop sign in order to make a right turn.

The suggestions are good for any vehicle. Especially that last suggestion.

We do have a right to the lane. First come; first served. I had this discussion with a truck driver as I left the Flying J in North Lewiston recently.

The on-ramp to 95 is one lane and no shoulders. Trucks like to begin accelerating in the on ramp so they are more quickly up to speed when they hit 95. But there is a long merge lane beyond the ramp for them to do just that.

I was in the ramp and had no where to go. I had waved my arm to let the driver know I was aware of him. He apparently thought that meant I was going to get out of his way.

He hit his horn and I was treated to a very close up view (objects in mirror are closer than they appear) of the tractor. He had no trailier.

I don’t know where he thought I was going to go on the ramp and he gave me very little space when the ramp opened up. It was a discussion I’d rather not repeat too often.

That said, truckers are some of the most courteous drivers on our roads. When I wave, most will move over into the next lane. They often do that even before I’ve waved.

I’m letting this one go. –corrie

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