Riding too Far to the Right!

Some drivers don’t know a cyclist has the right to the road. Some drivers would just as soon you didn’t ride at all. The laws in Washington and Idaho do tell cyclists they must keep to the right. That is not, however, the same thing as saying you must ride in the gutter.

Idaho law specifies FRAP–as far right as pracitcable, While Washington law say as far right as is safe. You can find links to the relevant law from the TRC Advocacy Page.

Both sates also specify exceptions such as when making a left turn or riding straight through past a right turn lane. But riding even in some marked bike lanes can be dangeroous if the lanes are too close to parked cars.

And what do you do if the lane is narrow? No, you don’t want to delay traffic but you don’t want to scurry down the curb like a cockroach either. Neither Washington nor Idaho have a 3 foot passing law as is described in this animated video but the prinicpal is the same.


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