The Science of Cycling

You know you steer by leaning, right? Of course, but experiment with it on wavy sections of the bike trail to become aware of how much the lean means to you. For example taking the off ramp of Southway Bridge down to the bike path means you have a sharp left followed by a sharp right. Kids and mountain bikers are likely to just cut the corners, but we roadies like to avoid the puncture weed in the corners and the rough and broken pavement.

I know I’ve felt the need to hit the brakes to get through that turn, but by shifting weight from side to side, I find the bike cutting a nice smooth curve. Now if I could just do that descending the spiral highway.–Corrie

Finally — the secret of bicycling revealed

by Gene Bisbee at 08:00AM (PDT) on June 30, 2010  |  Permanent LinkCosmos

The bicycle has been around in one form or another for more than 150 years, but you might be surprised that researchers are still studying how we can ride one without it falling over.

Actually, I thought Albert Einstein had it right when he said:

“Life is like riding a bicycling. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

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