Pancakes and the 21 Ranch

Linda Leads Easy Does It Rides

Linda leads an Easy Does It Ride once each month. These rides are meant for the begining rider and keep an easy pace of 10 to 12 mph on mostly level routes. They usually involve a special treat like a stop for lunch. Last month featured an Art ride including a vist to Beth Rimmelspacher’s studiio in Clarkston.

So what’s she doing riding to 21 Ranch near the Wahas? That’s no Easy Does It route. When you turn right at the Waha junction, you begin to climb for several miles and some of it is pretty steep.

It will help that this ride will begin in the Orchards at 2124 Birch Ave at Mary Hasenoehrl’s home. It won’t hurt any either that Mary’s offering pancakes on your return from the 21 Ranch.

This won’t be as easy as other rides Linda leads, but you can’t do much riding in this valley without encountering a hill. As hill’s go, this one’s short. Slow down and enjoy it. Think how much fun the return will be!

July 17th, 8 am start from 2124 Birch Avenue in the Orchards

Ride toward the Waha’s to the 21 Ranch and return to Mary’s for pancakes after the ride.

Corrie, Mary and I will host the8 am Sat.ride on July 17… we’ll  leave from her house at at 8 am

2124 birch ave. and ride to 21 Ranch and back for pancakes… not quite an Easy Does it Ride but Pancakes after the ride at Mary’s sounds great.  Linda

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