June TRC Board Meeting

If you rode the Huckleberry Ride you also got the opportunity to participate in the August Board meeting held in the Deary City Park after the ride. What we lacked in parliamentary procedure we made up for in bon ami. A good time was had by all.

We dispensed with the reading of the minutes from May and as we had no June meeting there were none to read. The treasurer’s report and business items may be seen by visiting the Balance Sheet page.

The prime order of business was scheduling rides and there are several new ones on the calendar you should be familiar with.


Linda’s Latah Trail Easy Does It Ride Saturday, Aug. 7

Tour de Lentil is Saturday, Aug. 21


Three Summits is Sunday, Sept. 5

Gary’s Plummer Century is Sunday, Sept. 12

Joseph is the 18 and 19th of Sept. Reservations?

Southfork Sashay from Kamiah to Grangeville and back. 80-95 miles on Sept. 26.


Bill’s Palouse Adventure is on for Oct. 3rd.

Lee hosts a fat tire ride from Klemgard park on Sunday, Oct. 10

The trouble with being on the board is you are always looking forward at least a month which makes time really fly. With the cool temps running through early July, it’s hard to realize we are in the high season for cycling. No, I’m not interested in hearing you complain that it’s soooo hot.

Next board meeting with be August 19th at the Callahan’s in Clarkston at 7pm.

For the Ride of it


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