Bone Density

Every Sunday morning, I struggle with the packaging on a little chalky, white, pill and then must wait half an hour before eating. Yep, I’ve got low bone density.

When I switched to Dr. Greggain, who is also a runner and cyclist, I asked asked the bone density question and he had me tested. Sure enough, my body wasn’t producing enough calcium for my bones. The little pill helps my body absorb more dietary calcium.

What’s the problem? Well all that sweating for one. I sweat more than some (though not as much as nameless others). And then its the cycling itself. Not weight bearing.

I guess all those folks adding swimming and running to their cycling have it about right though I’m unlikely to return to running and I don’t like getting wet. I did try about 10 minutes in the gym but it lacks the appeal of swooshing down the road, the wind at my back, the birds chirruping as I pass.–Corrie

Over the past several years, research on bone health, has uncovered some surprising information regarding the effect of cycling on bone strength. And it’s not all good.

Several studies, including one from the University of Missouri-Columbia, found lower bone density in elite level cyclists who train for hours on the bicycle.

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