Road Diet?

Well, sure, if you bike a lot, you might lose weight. But what about the rod itself? For fifty years we’ve happily widened roads, adding lanes, and clovers and such. The logic seems unassailable–the more traffic you have, the more road space you need. Turns out that is not always true. In fact, if egineers put some four lane roads on a diet by converting to three lanes (with a turn lane) AND bike lanes on both shoulders, traffic flow is enhanced and collisions decrease.–Correi

From the League of American Bicyclists

Road Diets decrease crashes

The Federal Highway Administration released a study (PDF) using data from the Highway Safety Information System (HSIS) that shows that reducing four lane roads to three lane roads with center turning lanes and bike lanes in both direction can improve safety without reducing annual average daily traffic (AADT) volumes for roads with under 20,000 AADT. (For more on road diets, here’s the classic Road Diet reference, PDF, by Dan Burden.)

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