UnionTown Rumble

I guess by now everyone knows the newly resurfaced road between the top of the Spiral highway and Colton includes rumble strips both down the center yellow line and along each shoulder. Rumble strips are not recommended where the remaining shoulder would be less than four feet. I haven’t gone out with my yardstick, but I’m guessing four feet to be a bit of a stretch. So, I think it is appropriate to share this piece from the League of American Bicyclists. Yes they are talking about Canada but just as a discussion starter.

Rumble strips north of the border

The Recumbent Blog got its hands on the installation instructions for continuous milled rumble strips in Alberta, Canada. It’s worth looking at in the context of our discussion of rumble strips to examine what’s good about the approach and what could be improved.

Alberta, Canada's rumble strip installation instructions

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