Riding a Century

I love a century. Shoot, it is hardly a ride, if it isn’t one hundred miles.

This year I’ve had the benefit of Dave Tibbal’s return to a road bike. He has been enjoying his new Madone and wanting to do long rides with me. Cool.

Dave was  off lass weekend riding Seattle to Portland. That’s two hundred miles. Of course most of us do it in the regular way–one hundred miles each day for two days. Not Dave. Several years back he did it in one day. I’ve called him One Day Dave ever since.

This spring for a time he was Someday Dave as we competed to see who could get to the tops of the hills first on our rides. Some day, I told him. Some day you’ll beat me but not today. And then I found it was all I could do to keep up. Where I had been able to pull and stay within my limits, now I was chasing and finding my limits tested.

SomeDay Dave and One Day Dave had become one. He rode STP in one day again last weekend. Hope he sends an update on his experience soon.

In the meantime, Joseph riders might want to start training. for their own century ride. Don’t think riding Three Summits on Sept. 5 will really get you ready. Gary’s Plummer to Kellogg and back will help but that’s pretty flat. Here’s a schedule from Dave Fiedler.–Corrie

. . . Now that may sound crazy, but it’s really just a day on the bike, riding steadily on at a reasonable pace.  Want to find out more?  Check out these links:

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