Bicycle Bans Don’t Effect Me!


Arguably the bicycle came before the automobile and the first paved roads were bicycle roads.

The League of American Bicyclists has fought long and hard for the Share the Road principle. These bans try to target one mode of transportation as more “normal” than another.

This article does a fair job of presenting the cyclists’ response to the proposed ban of bicycling on country roads in Missouri.

I see all this as a part of a culture war that pits a fixed view of the “way things are” against an admittedly unsettling new world view that suggests we (US drivers) may need to drive less and use mass transit and, gasp, bicyles more. You won’t often see the debate framed this way but whenever I hear about high-density urban planning I know there’s a struggle afoot.

For those of us in rural settings, it seems a little over the top but then I hear about the 2 hours it took Nicki to drive 30 miles into Portland where bicycle share of transporation is among the highest in our nation.

The culture wars are hear too, of course. Ask a random driver and I’ll bet you’ll get “bikes don’t belong on the roads. It is not safe.”

Missouri county considers biking ban (and why you should care) – UPDATED

Posted by Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) on July 13th, 2010 at 10:33 am

Joe Brazil wants bikes banned
from country roads due to safety concerns.
(Photo: FoxTV/St. Louis)
-Watch video below-

When a ban on people riding bicycles went into effect in the small casino town of Black Hawk Colorado last month, it seemed like an anomaly. Many people were outraged by it and advocates are still working to overturn it, but it seemed like just a case of small town politics gone awry. Now, Black Hawk’s city leaders must be feeling a bit of validation after a much larger and more formal ban is being seriously considered by the Council of St. Charles County, Missouri.

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