Five cycling advantages

I’m a bit nervous about my cycling advocacy. After all, I’m mostly a recreational cyclist putting in more miles in a single ride than most commuters do in a week.

The “save the earth” approach makes me even more nervous. When we begin to put pressure on life-styles, we are likely to be charged with being big government liberals who want to control everyone’s life.

Let’s make it clear, I do not ride because it is good for the environment. I ride because I like it. If reducing carbon emissions gets you out on the bike, that’s fine with me–whatever lubes your chain, I say.–Corrie

5 Advantages Of Cycling Over Driving

12.07.2010 | Author: | Posted in Articles

There has been a lot of talk about finding alternative sources of energy. It seems to be the hot button topic for this generation, and why not? Gas prices have scaled to all time highs all over the world. While recent months have seen a considerable reduction from the record highs, the cost of fuel is still sitting at a considerable level and makes a tremendous difference in a person’s monthly budget. For this reason, it is essential that alternative sources of energy be explored. And people should also not forget one of the oldest and best forms of transportation for daily travel: the bicycle.

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