A Wheel’s a Wheel, right?

No, I guess not. Russ had a flat on the ice cream ride the other week. He had a spare tube and all went well. Only later did Gary point out that Russ couldn’t have used one of our tubes. His wheels have deep 3 inch rims and require tubes with long stems.

I prefer the long stems even on my stock rims since I’ve found my floor pump won’t clamp onto a short stem if the tube is entirely flat. Awkward to have to use my frame pump to start putting air into the tube. But Gary wasn’t sure even my long stems would work.

If you want really fine wheels, you can spend a bundle. Here’s a new carbon wheelset called MadFiber.–Corrie

Mad Fiber’s Carbon Wheels: Crazy light, insanely great

By Paul Andrews, BI editor on June 3, 2010

Since leaving Woodinville-based FSA in 2008, wheel-building legend Ric Hjertberg has kept his work largely shrouded in mystery.

Now the story can be told: Hjertberg has been working on innovative unibody, featherweight, aerodynamic, bullet-strong, all-carbon wheels. His new company, Mad Fiber, is in production at the former Essential Bakery in north Seattle and expects to have wheelsets on the street by July. They are road only initially but mountain bike wheels are on the boards as well.

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  1. Richard Masoner said,

    July 30, 2010 at 9:07 am

    It wasn’t too long ago I flatted on a bike with deep dish rims. Pulled out the spare tube and…. it wasn’t long stem. Dumb me. Glad I had a patch kit!

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