Rumble Grumble

Rumble strip accident

I haven’t riddent 95 from the top of the Spiral Highway to Colton since the rumble strips showed up mysteriously after the road work was completed. I think those are entirely gratuitous. Have we seen lots of single car accidents with drivers drifting off the road through here? If the rumble strips are so important on this stretch what about the rest of the way in to Pullman?

Rumble strips should be placed under the fog line to minimize there impact on the width of the shoulder. WDOT won’t approve that saying the fog line is less visible under rumble strips.

Those smooth wide shoulders are now reduced to just a couple of feet. There are federal guidelines that say rumble strips should not be installed unless they will leave four feet of shoulder, five if there is a guardrail. I don’t think these strips meet the guuidelines.

Probably the shoulder is still rideable but not for doubling up. I’m more worried about the debris that tends to accompany rumble strips building up along that shoulder.

The League of American Bicyclists is active on this issue and you can be too. Let’s prevent surprise placment of rumble strips.–Corrie

Today we are faced with a renewed push by the FHWA and state DOTs to rumble strip state highways as a matter of course and without regard to their own policies on where it is appropriate.

Read the article and find a link to help compose a message to your state DOT.


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