I knew this was coming!

I’ve mentioned before that there’s a crunchy-granola quality to all this bicycle advocacy. I guess I’m not prescient. Here’s a Colorado gubenatorial candidate who’s suggesting it is all a subversive UN plot to bring us all under one-world control. Nice.–Corrie

Bicycling support threatens personal freedoms says Colorado candidate

by Gene Bisbee at 01:02PM (PDT) on August 4, 2010  |  Permanent LinkCosmos

One of the Republican candidates for governor is expressing fear and loathing that pro-bicycling policies of his possible challenger in the fall elections is turning Denver into a stooge for the United Nations.

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Or, if you don’t believe this, note that the Livable Communities Act passed on a party line vote.

They can have my S10 when they pry my sorry butt out of it with the jaws of life, I say.–Corrie

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