North to Alaska

Here’s a blogger in Anchorage, Alaska who has discovered the bicycle. It’s a nice essay accompanied with some great pcitures. Check out the rest of the “essays” and “photographs” on the site. You may find yourself planning a trip to Alaska.–Corrie

Cycling the Arm.

Bicycling Anchorage’s Coastal Trail, Lost Lake, and the Turnagain Arm.

by Hank Leukart

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Can I whine for a moment? Here is a list of things I hate to do: clean my apartment, wash laundry, select clothes to wear, repair my car, and pack luggage. The worst part is that I have to do all of these things before I can travel anywhere! I know — whining about this stuff makes me sound a little like a pampered teenager, but, believe me, I can deal with discomfort. Last year, I spent 45 nights sleeping in a 29-square-foot backcountry tent, and I didn’t complain about it once. (Well, a bear decided to wake me up in the middle of the night a few times, so I might have quietly complained about that — but barely.) The universal truth here is not that I can’t deal with annoyances; it’s simply that I hate owning stuff. Owning stuff means rearranging stuff, cleaning stuff, fixing stuff, and moving stuff, all of which stresses me out. So, even though I love traveling and the outdoors, I don’t own much gear. Apart from basic camping gear, I usually rent gear like skis, kayaks, and bicycles so I don’t have to own anything. After all, that’s what Without Baggage is all about.

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