LBS: Local Bike Shop

Find a good bike shop and get to know them. If they won’t let you talk to the mechanic, find another.

That is my instruction in my TS101 Smart Cycling class.

A good shop gets to know you too and how you ride. Maybe they’ll try to sell you a new bike or assessories, but it’ll be the right one for you and they won’t push too hard ’cause they know you’ll be back.

I stopped at B&L on the way back from Eight Lakes last Saturday. I needed a new set of tires. The last set seems to have been acquired by Linda. A cut on my front (good) tire flatted me on Eight Lakes and means that tire won’t be replacing my nearly worn rear tire before RSVP on Friday.

I stepped in the back door. The shop was abuzz with the repair racs full and no one I recognized at all. But I got instant attention and the girl who took my plastic new me though I had forgotten her from a couple of summers ago.

Dave Fiedler suggests much the same: Get to know your LBS–Corrie

How to Work With a Bike Shop

Monday August 2, 2010
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