Bicycling is a UN plot to steal your freedom.

Surely you’ve heard this one already. It’s been making the round of cycling blogs and advocacy boards for over a week. Gene Bisbee does an excellent job of summarizing the story as well as listing the Washington State cities that are part of the “conspiracy.”–Corrie

Bicycle conspiracy-theory candidate winning in Colorado

by Gene Bisbee at 12:23AM (PDT) on August 11, 2010  |  Permanent LinkCosmos

Apparently enough Republican voters in Colorado believed in Dan Maes’s conspiracy theory regarding bicycling and the U.N. to support his run for governor.

The businessman told an audience last week about his fear that support of pro-bicycling projects, like the Denver B-cycle bike share program, were linked to a United Nations plot that would “threaten our personal freedoms.”

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