I’m Obese

Yeah, that’s right. Cycling helps me keep the weight off but when the miles go down in December and January, the weight comes back. I think the official definition is a BMI of 29 or above so I may just be over-weight rather than actually obese.

I have long felt these numbers are unfair failing to take into account body type and percent of body fat compared to muscle. If I’m obese, what’s left to call those really big people you see around town?

In any case, here’s an interesting article that shows a negative correlation between  state obesity rates in the US and the amount of cycling and walking done in those states.

Indeed, if you look at rates of active commuting (walking and biking) in the most and least obese states, a revealing correlation emerges. Three of the five most obese states in the Gallup ranking are also among the five states with the smallest percentage of people who bike to work. At the other end of the spectrum, four of the ten thinnest states are among those where people bike to work most frequently. (The commuting rates come from Census data detailed in this League of American Bicyclists report.)  Read More

It is interesting to note that childhood obesity rates are an even more clear correlation with exercise. All this comes at the same time the budget balancers are looking to cut Safe Routes to School programs and transportation dollars for bike paths and faciilities. John McCain in particular doesn’t want to see any dollars spent to build secure bike storage areas at airports:

Bicycle Funding Ban Amendment Approved

An amendment adopted by the Senate to the FAA bill would prohibit airports from using passenger facility charge revenue to build bike storage facilities.

The amendment was offered by Sen. John McCain, R-AZ, and approved by unanimous consent as part of a manager’s package. Read More

Given what I’ve heard about airlines charging for carry on luggage, I’m thinking anything more than you could carry on a bike might be pretty expensive. Airlines ought to be encouraging bike facilities to keep the luggage weight low–oh, weight. That’s not what they want at all. Maybe there should be a surcharge on overweight passengers like me. I’m sure they could put a weight scale under the scanner and check for obesity as well as metal.

Still, I would argue that cycling doesn’t make you lose weight. I manage to fuel up quite nicely and maintain my “trim.”


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