Joseph Ride Plans

Please RSVP at our Joseph page.

Debbie will need some idea how many reservations to make at the Stubborn Mule for Dinner on the 18th.

Here are some other things to remember for this ride.

Uh, nope. No fee. You don’t even have to be a member of the club. However, Leanne does a wonderful job with SAG and she often gets help. We like to collect $10.00 for SAG. There’ll be an envelope at the boat launch on Saturday morning and it will be in the SAG vehicle the rest of the time. Thank you.

Sept. 18 7 am departure time from the Southway Boat Launch.

Departure time is 7. Be ready. Please arrive well before 7 to put your bike together, check for equipment failure, use the facilities (try Zip trip), and be ready to roll at 7. It is a long way to Joseph and we’ll be spread out quite a bit as it is. Let’s at least make it easy on SAG by getting out together.

Luggage: Make sure you put a name tag on your luggage and also which hotel you want it to go. We’ll try to put Joseph luggage in one SAG vehicle and Enterprise luggage in the other.

We talked about this start. We always have a few people who start out on their own because they feel they are slow. If you want to do this, please confirm you are coming. If you have luggage you’d like to give the SAG please let me know. I’ll try to put you in touch with someone taking a car. Leanne is our official SAG driver and she lives in Moscow. You might be able to get your bags to her more easily before our Saturday Start. In addition, I understand there may be a couple of private cars going along.
Large groups of riders are more difficult for cars to pass. In my experience riders find others at their own pace. And Leanne will not forget you (unless you forget to tell us you are out there).
Again, no one is expected to ride the entire way. Leanne can take several bikes. If you feel like Bufford is too much or just that you are getting too far behind. Don’t feel bad about flagging her down. She’s there to support you. Let the fast guys worry about themselves.
To the best of your ability, be at Southway, your bike put together, your helmet on, your water bottles filled, your tires pumped, and your bladder empty at 7 am.
If you are unfamiliar with the boat launch area, you should know that the promised flush toilet facility does not yet exist. You’ll likely prefer going to the Ziptrip on Southway about a half mile away. Take a left at the light just past the boat launch.

Cut off Time: 2pm Joseph Lookout
The ride to the Indian Lodge is 95 miles. If you stop in Enterpise you’ll likely have 89-90 miles. It is a long day. People will want to shower and take a break before dinner at 6. We’d appreciate everyone being in by no later than 4pm so that SAG drivers and other riders can get their luggage and clean up for dinner.
What that means is that unless you leave Jospeh Lookout by 2pm, you are likely to be running late. You needn’t SAG all the way back, but do take a lift to pull you back iinto the main pack.

Where to refuel
Bogan’s Oasis is something like 35 miles. It is always open and has good food. Don’t eat too heavily though ’cause you get an 11 mile climb up Bufford Grade immediately after crossing the Grande Ronde at Bogan’s.
The RimRock Cafe at the top of Bufford is often open but you can’t count on it. They also may be very busy. Some of us actually start the ride there after having lunch. That’s up to you. There is nothing else all the eway to Enterpirse. There’s a convenience store just as you hit the main drag in Enterprise. Pack a few of your favorite snack bars just in case.
Leane will have water, gatorade, and probably cookies or muffins and maybe some fruit. She’ll also carry a cooler for you if you like.

How to Dress
Mike and Sean had full rain gear right down to the booties a couple of years ago, so they geared up and kept going. The rest of us sagged with Leanne from the Rimrock Cafe. Keep an eye on the forecast. Have a jacket in your pocket and keep your fingers crossed. you’ll be in the mountains and storms can come up unexpectedly.
Saturday morning? I’ll have my arm and leg warmers and a jacket. If it is 55 degrees, I won’t wear them. We have a long climb up Anatone so you won’t need extra gear there unless it is raining.
Sunday morning? Count on it being chilly in Joseph. We group up and head for Enterprise and breakfast at 7. The sun will have been up for only an hour. Long gloves, leg and arm warmers, a jacket, my skull cap and maybe a pair of wool socks will be in my bag. Be sure to have cold weather gear to put on as the conditions dictate. Easy to leave it with Leanne later.

The Stubborn Mule and Friends are our usual places to eat. If you don’t intend to join us for these meals, that’s fine but please do the RSVP anyway so that we’ll know to expect you out on the road.

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