How’s Google Bicycle Maps Doing?

It’s been a couple of months since Google debuted its bicycle routes mapping technology. Of course it is better where there are more cyclists to refine the data by submitting corrections.

And I liked the Google Maps app on my new Droid though it and the garmin didn’t seem to always agree on the best route for driving. I haven’t actually tried to follow a bike route on my phone. Way to much logistics with connectivity and handling let alone the fact that those LCD screens are pretty hard to read in daylight.

Here’s a review from the New York Times travel page:–Corrie

I HAD the route mapped out in my mind. I would bike from the Lower East Side of Manhattan, hit the taco trucks along the ball fields of Red Hook, Brooklyn, cruise through Prospect Park over to Brighton Beach for a quick dip, then hypotenuse it back to a bar in Williamsburg to watch the World Cup finals.

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Julia Rothman

Out of curiosity, I consulted Google Maps’s new bike software on my computer, to see if its brainy algorithm would match my battle-tested sense of directions. It did, for the most part, but for a few snags: It sent me the wrong way on Smith Street in Brooklyn, then diverted me away from Prospect Park — the borough’s best piece of biking real estate — and on the way back, like an overprotective concierge, it steered me away from the rough parts of Bedford Stuyvesant (normally I would have just bombed up Bedford Avenue).

Still, not bad for a piece of software created by some techie thousands of miles away.

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