Trail Congestion in Renton

It could happen here. It doesn’t take long on those first warm spring weekends for both trails on both sides of the river to fill up with trail users to the point that cycling is nearly impossible. Our Tuesday evening ice-cream rides down the Clarkston Green Belt trail have seen us harrassed be teens at the beach, swamped by trafic, and blocked by maintenance trucks.

We are not alone. You think the traffic jams are just on the freeways on the west side? Nope. Try a 10 mph speed limit on Renton’s trail. Linda and I saw trails everywhere and cyclists using them all. Looks like more of this sort of thing is to come.–Corrie

Renton’s new 10 mph bicycle speed limit on Cedar River Trail carries $101 fine
by Gene Bisbee at 06:00AM (PDT) on August 23, 2010  |  Permanent LinkCosmos

The City of Renton (WA) has lowered the speed limit for bicycles to 10 mph on most of the Cedar River Trail. Bicyclists must dismount on the remaining sections. [See maps below]

Violation of the speed limit carries a $101 fine, according to signs posted on the path.

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