How To Trigger a Traffic Light on your Bike

Clarkston has two new lights, thanks to WalMart. Those lights do have loop-detectors which will trigger the traffic signal. But you have to know where to stand with your bike.

Watch this video from Redmond. We don’t have a convenient X or T painted on the pavement. But do notice that when the bicycle is not right on the circle or X, the light doesn’t change.

When you roll up to these lights at Bridge and 15th and at Bridge and 13th and at Costco/Walmart, don’t just get close to where those lines on tje pavement cross. Get right on the X the lines form and that light will change.

Try it. You’ll like it.

Of course, if that doesn’t work, wait a cycle of lights, check for traffic, and proceed.Be sure to read Gene Bisbee’s excellent article on triggering a traffic light.

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