Bill 3; Summits 0

“That wasn’t so bad,” Bill announced on our way back from Asotin. “I was afraid of that ride,” he added.

Bill’s been working out and losing weight and thinks the extra leg work has made him stronger on the hills. He kept saying he was climbing faster than he had previously on the same slope.

Three Summits is an annual club ride (note club! Where were you guys?). Mike calls this a training ride for Joseph. Bill’s talking about riding all hills this week and then backing off. I’m of the opinion that two weeks out of Joseph is too late to make any difference in your Joseph ride experience.

Maybe it was the labor day weekend or the fact that the wind was already whistling when we left the boat launch at 9 am, but Bill and I found ourselves alone. Dave was on the coast; Chris is mia; Mike and Nicky in Spokane. Linda did Anatone yesterday, Clvoerland today on her own-Spiral tomorrow? We’ll see.

Bill was pushing me a bit on Spiral. I had takne Mike seriously about using 3Summits as training for Joseph, so I did a century yesterday. Winchester was perfect on Saturday at about 70 degrees.

I tried the CuldeSac road return for the fun of it. I don’t think I want to try riding up that hill. It is about 10% for a mile at the bottome and then relaxes to 7 or 8 percent. Not bad for descending but the sealcoat is pretty rough. You aren’t gong to want bomb down this thing either.

Just to make it a real test, I rode back over WebRidge instead of going out to 12. I saw very little traffic except for the bits I was on 95. Labor day weekenders were already at the lake, I guess.

So my legs objected a bit to climbing the spiral highway this morning and the wind out of the west shook me up. Bill claimed it didn’t push him around. I’m timid about downhill to begin with and I entertained a couple of thoughts about telling Bill I was done for the day.

But this was Bill’s first attempt at Three Summits and he showed not a moments hesitation despite the wind. AS it turned out Cloverland and Anatone were both more protected from the worst gusts of wind.

With temps staying in the 60s most of the day, we had a pretty comfortable ride.

So Bill conquered three summits. Congratulations. See you on the Joseph Ride.

PS I think I’m ready for Joseph whether I trained on 3 Summits or not. Somewhere near the bottom of the Spiral Highway I passed 100,000 miles of cycling since I started keeping an electronic log book on April 24, 2000. Over 9,000 of that came this year.

For the Ride of it.

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