Mountain Biking near Cle Elum

Cle Elum’s a bit far for a 12 mile ride, but it sounds like there’s a good deal more to explore in the Teanaway region.–Corrie

Up on top, a view to lunch over.

To get to the start we drove past Cle Elum, turning left on the Teanaway Road and driving … and driving … and driving, staying as it turned into the North Fork Teanaway Road till we got to the De Roux campground. We parked in a pull-out and rode the rest of the dirt road up to the trail head. You do this ride as a loop, and we’ve learned from experience that it’s far better to start a ride than end it with a mind-numbing 2-mile dirt road climb. The trail, No. 1394, starts a bit steep but soon mellows out to a rideable meadowy climb. At one point we missed a re-route, putting us on the old, unmaintained trail notable for boggy sections and lots of blowdown. Ah well, we weren’t in any hurry.

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